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The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection is committed to digital transparency. The Division is providing this tool to allow convenient access to official State Records the NDEP has scanned and stored digitally. Not all NDEP Records are available yet, please continue to check back for additional Records in these series and as additional Bureau programs come online.

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Carson City Office
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Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 687-4670

Las Vegas Office
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Program Specific Contacts
Air Pollution Control
Ann McKnight (775) 687-9349
Corrective Actions
Records Officer (775) 687-9368
Federal Facilities
Gail Tackett (702) 668-3904
Industrial Site Cleanup
Danielle Ward (702) 668-3931
Mining Regulation & Reclamation
Stacey Weatherbee (775) 687-9532
Water Pollution Control
Shannon Krupp (775) 687-9437


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